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Wash & Care


We recommend dry clean only for all Monel jackets. Using a washing machine on a Monel jacket is at your own risk and warranty will not be applicable if damaged. Instructions for dry clean is printed on wash label inside all jackets. Stains can be gently wiped off with a clean damp cloth.

For products made from wool, cashmere and polyester blends like beanies and headbands we recommend using a hand-wash program if using a washing machine, preferably cold temperature (max. 30° celsius/80° fahrenheit) and lay flat to dry to maintain shape.

Fur pom on beanies should be kept away from water. These beanies are not recommended for washing machine as the fur pom is not detachable.

For leather products stains can be wiped off with a clean damp cloth. On suede products we recommend using a dry soft bristle brush.


The jackets have water repellent abilities, but are not waterproof. This means they will do just fine during a typical Nordic winter, but in heavy rain we recommend using a raincoat.

Wool, cashmere and polyester blend products are not waterproof. If exposed to heavy rain, leave flat to dry. Leather products can be wiped off with a dry cloth.


All Monel jackets have been surface treated, however after some time we advise to use Scotchgard spray to preserve the water repellent properties of the jacket.

If the jacket is exposed to rain, the best policy is to hang it in a dry normally temperate room and apply Scotchgard when dry and clean. For wool, cashmere or leather products wipe off excess water and leave flat to dry.


Out of season the jackets can be kept in the plastic bag it came in, or in a separate garment bag.

Store the jacket in a dry and preferably dark location. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight during summer as this may cause color to fade on certain areas.

Note that during winter the sun is not as strong, so your Monel is perfect even on cold sunny days.

Leather products may become dry or faded if exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures over time, we recommend using the garment bag or box for storage.


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